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How to Apply to a Law Programme at The University of Ghana


Getting into law school is extremely competitive in Ghana, and getting into the University of Ghana law school is much tougher. You must first be familiar with the application process, requirements and develop a deliberate approach and confront the application process with full-force. 

You should target to submit your applications, regardless of deadlines, by early December through late March, if not earlier. If you are not applying to the regular Law class, ideally, give yourself about half of a year, starting in January to prepare and complete all the necessary steps including entrance exams.

The University of Ghana School of Law runs four programmes;

  • Regular LLB
  • Post-First Degree LLB
  • LLM in Human Rights and Democratization in Africa
  • LLM & M.PHIL in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law


Regular LLB

This programme admits a selection of Senior High School applicants straight into the LLB programme without any entrance exam. Selection is typically based on performance in the WASSCE. This is a four-year programme.


Post-First Degree LLB

This is a 2-year programme that admits students with a range of first degrees. At this faculty, students concentrate on Law subjects only during the post-first degree law programme. You need a minimum of second-class lower in any first degree programme to qualify to sit for an entrance exam. Successful entrants are then invited for an interview before final admission is offered.


LLM Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa

This is a joint master’s programme run by the Faculty of Law, University of Ghana and a group of African Law Faculties, coordinated by the Law Faculty of University of Pretoria, South Africa. Applications for this programme are received and processed at Pretoria, but programme is offered in Ghana. You need a minimum of 120 credits and a maximum of 144 credits to have graduated from LLB to pursue this programme.


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