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Mature Students and University Entrance Exam


Interested in attending university but don’t have the required grade for standard admission? You could still qualify as a mature student, learn more!


A "mature student" is usually someone who has been out of school for some considerable years. In Ghanaian universities, a mature student status refers to applicants who are 25 years and older as of the first day of classes (Please note the admission dates). Applications by mature students are evaluated differently from applicants who have just finished senior high school. The admission requirement is somewhat relaxed for the mature student. Once you meet the minimum requirement, you don’t have to necessarily meet a cut-off point.  An entrance exam is often considered in place of other subject-specific requirements.


If you do not have the prerequisite aggregate for your intended programme you would like to apply to, you have options.


It is your responsibility to prepare and sit for the entrance exam and pass rather competitively as part of the admission process. Detailed instructions and deadlines are provided when you apply.


The best place to begin is entervarsity, where you will find information on universities, programmes and courses, the application process, and important dates for mature students.


Applicants must attend preparatory classes and will be examined in English Language, Mathematics and General Paper. For University of Ghana, mature students’ classes at the university is mandatory for qualification to sit the entrance exam.


Mature Applicants applying for admission must satisfy the following entry requirements:

  • Attain a minimum age of twenty-five (25) years
  • Show proof of age with birth certificate and any other proof.
  • Pass the Mature Students’ Entrance Examination in Mathematics, English Language and General Paper


Many schools recognise that mature students have life and other experiences that younger students may not have. This is your advantage.

Successful mature applicants are placed at level 100.


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