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How to Apply to A Law Programme at KNUST


The general entry requirements of a law degree at KNUST vary, based on the option you select or are eligible to apply.

The acceptance rate into this program is highly competitive and the cut-off point hovers around aggregate 9 or better. There are 3 main options available to applicants in the Law Faculty as follows:


Option 1

4-Year (full-time) LLB program
For Option 1, applicants must be holders of WASSSCE with credit passes or C6) in the three core subjects (English, Mathematics and Integrated Science) and three elective subjects in General Arts or Science or Business with Business with aggregate 20 or better. Mature candidates (25 years of age and above) with credit passes in at least five ‘O’ Levels, including English Language and Mathematics or aggregate 24 or better in SSSCE are eligible to apply.


Option 2

3-Year (full-time) LLB program
This Option admits applicants as first degree holders in any other discipline apart from law. Candidates in this option will be required to do a three-year full-time LLB program.


Option 3

4-Year (part-time) LLB program
Option 3 applicants are also admitted as first degree holders in a non-law subject. This programmed requires candidates to do a 4-year LLB as a part-time program.


Please note that, applicants in Option 2 and 3 who are short-listed upon application, shall sit a competitive examination and pass an interview.


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