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Understand The WAEC Grading System


WAEC WASSSCE examinations is graded A1-F9. WAEC SSSCE examinations was graded A-F. Both grade sets are well established, widely-used systems that universities, parents and schools know and trust. On this scale, A1 or A is the top grade and F9 or F is the least.


As you prepare to take WAEC exams as a candidate, it is important for you to be aware of the WAEC grading system to inspire you to achieve even more.


The WAEC SSSCE was reported on an A-F grading scale for over 20 years before changing it to the A1-F9 scale and argues that, the latter system offers a good level of differentiation between students’ performance. The grading scale is understood and accepted by universities and employers around the world.


New WAEC Grading System

WAEC changed its grading system in 2006 to accurately capture student achievement. Currently, if you don’t attain a mean mark of 50% in every subject, you cannot be placed in any tertiary institution in Ghana.


What are A1–F9 grades?

A1 is excellent.

B2 very good, B3 good,

C4, C5, and C6 credit because the candidate performed averagely.

D7 and D8 is a pass

F9 is a fail

Do you still want to be accepted in your choice of tertiary institution? Well, below is the WASSCE grading system.



SSSCE                       WASSSCE                INTERPRETATION


A                                        A1                            Excellent

B                                        B2                             Very Good

                                           B3                             Good

C                                        C4                              Credit                                                               

                                           C5                              Credit                                                                                                                     C6                              Credit 

D                                        D7, E8                        Pass

F                                           F9                             Fail



Each letter has a corresponding percentage score. Find below


To obtain A1 you must score between 75% – 100%

To obtain B2 you must score between 70% – 74%

To obtain B3 you must score between 65% – 69%

To obtain C4 you must score between 60% – 64%

To obtain C5 you must score between 55% – 59%

To obtain C6 you must score between 50% – 54%

To obtain D7 you must score between 45% – 49%

To obtain E8 you must score between 40% – 45%

To obtain F9 you must score between 0% – 44%


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