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Why You Need To Get Involved In Student Organizations.

Student Life

As a student at a Ghanaian university, you are an automatic member of the Student Representative Council (SRC).


The SRC is a democratic, student led and self-governing organisation representing, and supporting the lives of students. Student leadership has produced countless politicians from ministers to parliamentarians to Civic leaders. Get involved in numerous activities.


Student life is not only about attending the lecture and going home after class. It is about participating in student activities and assuming leadership opportunities. Universities in Ghana allow students to not only pursue academic excellence but also develop their social and personal life-skills.


Students can build a good social life by joining recognised clubs or organizations on campus, attend seminars and lectures outside their field of study. An association with a club or organisations can provide an opportunity to play an active role in student leadership/politics by running for office when the need arises. There is something for everyone.


For a freshman, the first week of school is where you are introduced to clubs and organizations. Representatives of these various clubs will approach you with the perfect pitch to get you to join. Other universities, organize an open day for clubs and organizations to display and interact with students. 


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