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Life as A Part-Time Student.

Student Life

There is an increasing amount of young adults who study part-time. Not only does it allow you to accommodate your studies in your already busy life, but it also lets you improve your education whilst working full-time.


Students on part-time studies have the option to undertake studies either by campus-based, distance learning or a sandwich. With the current economic crisis and the high unemployment rate, young adults from both sexes are searching for ways to maintain their households and themselves.  The best way to do this is through further education and job advancements.


Individuals seek to study part-time courses because:

  • You can upskill yourself without having to take time off work
  • You can study something different and do a career change


Part-time courses also work well for people who have never studied due to financial constraints. A part-time course allows individuals to work full-time and pay for their own studies.


A general day in the life of a part-time student


05.30am – At the gym/jogging.

06.15am – Has breakfast

08.30am – At the office.

18.00pm – Leaves the office and head for class.

21.15pm – On the way home from class.

22.15pm – Arrives home, have dinner and head for bed.


As a part-time student, you gain higher pay, new skills, and greater responsibilities at work.


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