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Residential Halls and Accommodation at KNUST.

Student Life

The accommodation offered at the KNUST campus is one of the first things to consider when looking at the quality of life that one should expect on admission.


The reason is; the halls of residence and hostels are where a student will be spending a large amount of time outside class. There are Six Halls of residence and a number of hostels on the University Campus and five hostels, two are for postgraduate students, one for both undergraduate and graduate students and managed by the Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme (GUSS).


These are:

Residential Halls

  • Queen Elizabeth II Hall
  • Unity Hall
  • Independence Hall
  • Republic Hall
  • University Hall
  • Africa Halls Hall

Until recently, University, Africa and Unity Halls were single sex halls. Today all six traditional halls are mixed (Male and Female).



There are several hundreds of hostel facilities available around the university. A few are listed here;

  • Hall 7
  • Brunei hostels
  • SRC hostels
  • Credit Union hostels
  • Graduate students hostel


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