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Residential Halls and Accommodation at Ashesi

Student Life

The university has housing facilities capable of the housing of 396 students.


The student dormitories contain spaces for students to relax and entertain visitors, facilities for sports, entertainment and other extracurricular activities, and 24-hour security. Ashesi provides housing options as part of efforts to enhance the educational experience of its students. “By increasing opportunities for teamwork, enabling closer friendships and creating room for community, residential life serves as an important venue for student learning”.


Residential facilities include; Janitorial services and utilities, student recreation spaces, dining and laundry.


With the continued expansion of on-campus housing, there are several options near campus for students to explore. The options are listed;

  • Dufie Platinum Hostel
  • Charlotte Courts
  • Hosanna Hostel
  • Master Hostel
  • Columbiana


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