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Residential Halls and Accommodation at Legon.

Student Life

The University of Ghana has a range of facilities to suit students’ needs. It believes in community living as an essential part of a student’s life. The university is primarily residential, providing accommodation in Halls of Residence for both undergraduate and postgraduate as well as flats and guest rooms for senior members and guests.


There are 16 halls of residences which are listed below.


Residence Halls

  • Legon Hall (males and females)
  • Akuafo Hall (males and females)
  • Commonwealth Hall (males only)
  • Volta Hall (females only)
  • Mensah Sarbah Hall (males and females)
  • Bani Hall
  • African Union Hall
  • James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall
  • Akuafo Hall Annexes C & D
  • Mensah Sarbah Hall Annexes C & D
  • Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall
  • Jean Akah Hall
  • Alex A. Kwapong Hall
  • Hilla Liman Hall
  • International Students Hall
  • Jubilee Hall




There are many, hostels and other establishments offering short and long-term accommodation located close to the University of Ghana and we have listed a few below.

  • Valco Trust Hostel Annex (postgraduate students only)
  • SSNIT Hostels [Ghana Hostels Limited] (males and females)


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