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What You Can Do with A Law Degree.


A law degree is a gateway to a plethora of careers, but it is not the only path you can choose after your law programme. There are many other options available to you beyond the legal profession.


Are you looking to make an informed decision about your post-secondary-school choices? Are you fresh from law school and considering your next steps? It is important to get an idea of the career prospects open to a law degree holder. Here, we will attempt to answer the question. Next, you will find some typical careers a law graduate can enter, along with alternative careers to explore.

Because law is multidisciplinary, graduates gain multiple transferable skills during and after a law degree. You become highly employable, attracting employers from a variety of industries and sectors. You can occupy:

  • Business and political roles
  • Communications roles
  • Research and reporting roles

When you are trained in Law, you could also be useful in health and safety compliance, in healthcare and hospital management, and in consumer product safety and professional standards administration.


Careers in the courtroom

Usually, legal careers are divided into those within the court room and those outside. Legal jobs in the courtroom include but are not limited to: Chief court clerk, court administrator, court interpreter, court reporter, legal reporter, litigation examiner, litigation secretary, and litigation support specialist.


Careers in law firms

You can enter many different types of law firms: public or private; big or small; focusing on advising individuals or corporations. Legal aid firms (such as the Ghana Legal Aid), legal start-up companies. Whichever type you choose to enter, there are transactional departments, which advise clients and handles administrative legal work (soliciting), and the litigation department, which represents the clients in court.






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