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Is It Possible to Switch Courses at Universities?


You just registered for your courses and realised the course is so different from what you anticipated. What happens when you decide you no longer want to take this course. You will have a lot to consider.


Before you settle at a university, you would have taken a lot of decisions that would most likely be reviewed. Sometimes, you may want to change to a different university, or a course - or you might even want to stop studying all together. You will have a lot to consider when making your decision, and there are so many options you can explore.


Universities mostly do not allow change of programme, unless you are repeating the first year. Switching courses within programmes is one and sometimes becomes necessary but often difficult. Going to university and starting a course is a huge commitment. Justifiably, people can change their minds close to the closing day for registration day. Starting and continuing university is a huge task. You cannot be 100% certain that the course you have selected is exactly what you want to do. If this is true, be quick to change whilst you still have the opportunity to do so.


Changing a course is possible but can be a challenging task to do in most universities. You will have department heads to convince and other paperwork to do. You will need to act fast - the longer you wait, the more difficult it gets.

Consider the following:

Why do you want to switch courses? You'll need to give your reasons and show you’re taking your studies seriously.   

Can you change courses on your current programme? This will depend on which programme and department you are, as there will be a number of elective subjects/courses which are compulsory to complete to gain your qualification.

Are there spaces on the new course? If there aren't, are there other related courses you might want to consider transferring to? Find out more.

Do you meet the entry requirements for the course you want to transfer to? Even if you've already completed some study at the university, there may also be some specific subject knowledge requirements you'll need to meet. Please research.

When can you transfer? Some universities allow students to switch their course in the first semester; sometimes you may have to wait until the next academic year.


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