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How To Plan Your First Semester Schedule


You are more likely to face a huge challenge if you do not plan to manage your schedules well enough on university campus, especially as a fresher.


The planning process for your first semester should start early. Be ready to revise your initial plan as frequently as required. To begin the process of planning for your first semester, you must ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have I considered how I will allocate my time so I do my very best in all courses?
  • How will I make myself responsible so that once I have drafted a plan for my semester studies, and other activities, I actually keep to it?
  • How will I balance my academic, social and/or spiritual life?

Most courses will have a workload of several hundreds of hours each semester. This is a workload of approximately 10-12 hours weekly and includes lectures and tutorials.


To plan for the semester effectively, you will need to include academic and non-academic commitments (e.g. family, social activities, etc) in your daily schedule. Be sure to meet with an academic counselor or a friend if you need help planning your schedule.


What are your academic commitments?

To know your academic commitments, use the course outline you are given upon registration, orientation materials and lecture schedules to help answer the following questions.


  • How many hours a week am I requested to study for each course?
  • How am I going to be assessed in each course?
  • How many hours am I expected to input into each course assignment?
  • When are my first assignments for each course due and what are they?
  • When are the subsequent assignments due?
  • When are my quizzes, interim assessments and end-of-semester exams?


What are your non-academic commitments?

At the university, your life is not all about your academics, so it is important to carefully reflect on what your other commitments will be. Some will be regular (e.g. weekend laundry and general cleaning, time with family, friends and religious activities), while others may occur only once or twice in a semester (e.g. hall week and sporting events). Allocate time for these in your weekly schedule. Don’t forget to allow time for rest, fun and refreshment.


Enjoy your time at uni, each day can be a tasking one.


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