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Steps To Revising Effectively

Tips & Tricks

Worried about revision for exams? Knowing how to revise and where to start is often the hardest part about preparing for exams - and that's when you're feeling motivated! But don't worry, we've got you on revising effectively.


You’re probably reading this article because you’ve started revising or about to revise and have realised that something is amiss. You need to know how to revise properly, so it actually stays in your head.

We are here to help you succeed at your next paper. Here, we provide a step by step guide to effective revision by experts. Have fun!


Discover your learning style

There’s a way every individual learns, that affects their revision style and we’re going to help you find it. You may do learn better with visuals or sound, find it. To effectively revise, we advise that you try a lot of different techniques and see what works for you. You get your mind tired if you revise using only one technique, so explore some of the other learning types and see if any of the revision tips interest you. 


Acquire some revision techniques

We’ve gathered some of the best revision techniques based on science, which take advantage of the weird ways our brain works. It stresses the need to focus for short periods and the rewards of a break. It’s a much better way to revise than trying to revise for 10 hours and spending six of those on your phone with friends and family.


Eat, sleep, revise, repeat

Visualise your revision into scenarios, songs etc. For instance, if you take English and you need to remember all the diphthongs, you can create a sound scenario – ‘au’ sound is internet country code TLD (top-level domain) for Australia. 


Chew gum, use unfamiliar air freshener

Ever wondered why students chew gum while burning the midnight candle in schools and homes? In fact, some football coaches are noted for chewing gum too. Chewing gum is proven to help concentration. There is nothing more stimulating than chewing gum under milk-scented air freshener to keep you more alert. According to science, weird scents tend to keep you more awake and alert for longer, harder revision sessions. Yes, unbelievable. This is definitely a last resort.


Time daily revisions

Planning is the key to revising effectively, and to do that you’ll need to know how much time you should be spending on revision. If you spend too much time studying, you increase your risk of wearing out quickly, while too little time at the desk means your brain would barely remember the important details.

Write down all the subjects you are currently studying to prepare a revision timetable. Try not to leave out any of them, even if you think it doesn’t need revision.

While at it, order your subjects from most important to least important. This process requires thoughtfulness, so make sure you select correctly. Avoid being tricked to put your favourite subjects first and the ones you hate last, but on the amount of work and time required by each subject.


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