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Choosing The Right Roommates

Tips & Tricks

If you’re getting ready for your first year of university and feeling antsy about the process of choosing a roommate, we totally get you.


While no roommate is perfect, having the right roommate is an essential part of the university experience, and it’s important that you do your best to select the right roommate(s).

Here are some pointers to consider in selecting a roommate:


Have an open honest conversation about your living habits.

What are your sleeping habits? Do you sleep with the lights on or off? Do you snore, or can you handle a roommate who snores? How clean are you, and what are your expectations of your roommate in terms of cleanliness? Lay all your cards on the table, and see if you can come to a reasonable compromise in terms of your expectations.


Social life

Evaluate your social life and that of your prospective roommate. Are you    someone who is the life of the party and likes to host people in your dorm room? If so, you might definitely want to think twice before rooming with people who are not big on having a social life.



You might want to consider having a roommate with a schedule that is somewhat different from yours, so you can have your personal space, or on the other hand, a roommate with a schedule that somehow aligns with yours, so you can hang out occasionally.


Shared interests

Having a roommate with similar interests as you will help you bond, and generally make your time rooming together more pleasurable.


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