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How to Manage Your Time On Campus

Tips & Tricks

Without an effective time management plan or schedule, it can be a hassle managing your time on campus and making sure you meet your deadlines. Follow these steps to get better at managing your time while on campus.


Draw a weekly timetable

Take a close at the syllabus for your various lectures. Always consider when projects and assignments are due and when exams start. These dates will provide a framework for your time management plan.

Set up a schedule template on paper, or create a schedule in Google Calendar.

Then follow this guide:

  • Set time aside for everyday activities, like sleep and breakfast and lunch, class times, studying times, other regular meetings etc.
  • Leave room for other unexpected activities. Stick to your daily and weekly plan!
  • Break up study times into 25-minute intervals
  • At the end of each week, use 20 minutes to review progress made.


Have accountability partners

Have accountability partners who can hold you accountable on how you use your time in university.


Set your priorities right

Know what your priorities are, and accord more time to the tasks that are more important. Also, beware of distractions. Stay away from friends who may be a negative influence on you. Don’t spend too much time partying or in organizations and clubs at the expense of your studies.


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