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Why Students Live Off-Campus.

Student Life

Students living off-campus are provided with a unique opportunity to experience everything the local area has to offer, while bus and other transport services get you where you need to go anytime.


Most tertiary institutions and Universities in Ghana provide accommodation for the first-year students on campus but after their first year when they have become more accustomed to the University way of life, they move to hostels located outside of campus. Some never return to campus but these are a few reasons why some students like to live off-campus.



Living off campus basically allows you to live like a local and you can take time to visit interesting places in your city. Most off-campus hostels are more open than the hostels on campus.


Cheaper food

Local markets are located off campus and if cooking is your thing then you could save a load of money by cooking your own food. Fast food vendors on campus normally take advantage of their location and overcharge students. Being off campus means you eat like the locals. For instance, in Ashesi University students are not allowed to cook on campus which limits food options hence some students opt for off-campus hostels in order to have the freedom to cook.



Universities take in thousands of students each year, some have limited facilities and more students have to share resources which were designed for fewer students. Traditional student halls on campus usually have between 2 to 6 people in a small room. Hostels and homestays outside of campus are less crowded and allow you to rent your own room or apartment once you have the money to pay for it, so you do not have to share facilities and space.


Feels mature

It feels good to be taking care of your own living expenses, signing your tenancy agreement with apartment owners or planning your day, week or monthly activities and paying your bills. You finally start feeling mature and responsible and will have to start applying grown-up stuff like budgeting, planning and being frugal with water, electricity and even food.


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