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The Meaning Behind the University of Winneba's Logo.


University of Winneba’s logo consists of the “AdinkraNtesie” crest, a torch with radiating light.


These two elements are reproduced together and form a core and powerful element of the visual identity of the University


The University’s crest and the torch radiating its lights shines in a 360 direction. It is an international symbol of the University’s reputation for developing people to brighten the world around us through high quality educational standards.


The flame represents the light that will finally eradicate ignorance and pave way for enlightenment across the world.


The Star, bursting forms a circular wave lengths and communicates the idea that teachers and other persons trained by the University would get into every corner of Ghana and the world to serve and shine with their expertise irrespective of social status, religion or sex.


The colour theme of red combines with blue against a pure white background to symbolise hard work and perseverance.  All the symbols are protected in a circle bearing the motto: Education for Service and symbolising the completeness of training at the University of Education, Winneba.


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