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Best Alternatives To University


Are you not sure what to do after your senior secondary school? You may not have the money to continue education. You may not have the required grades. You may not even be so positive you want to go to university? Whatever your reasons, you simply don’t get stuck after secondary school.


Good news!

You can even head straight into the world of work - not going to university isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is feeling that if you lack a degree education, employers would not like you. In fact, there are many other options you can explore to jump-start your dream career without a university education.

Take a look at these vital university alternatives for some inspiration.



In Ghana, being an apprentice isn’t attractive, but what we can confirm is that, they are making the life most graduates could only dream of.  Yes, apprentices have a bad reputation, largely due to societal interpretation and lack of understanding of the prospects. Even though most people believe that, apprenticeship is just for failed school leavers, there are more than 100 different types of apprenticeship programmes, ranging from draughtsmanship to hairdressing, carpentry, bakery, fashion designing, electrical technician to paralegal careers, and are available to everyone regardless their age. Note: You are on your way to securing your future.



When you finish your apprenticeship programme, you have key benefits, if you don’t gain immediate employment – you can start your own business with flexible hours, independence and the opportunity for a higher salary. Alternatively, you can choose to start any business with skills you have already such as opening a Gym or training programme, gardening service, Photography, cleaning service, amongst others. When you start your own business, there are of course, challenges: your income can be irregular and you could work much longer days than the typical employee. But if you’ve got a great idea, a flare to start a business and a determination to succeed, you might just be the next Despite.


National Vocational and Technical (NVTI) Qualifications

NVTI qualifications are work-based qualifications in Ghana that are achieved though assessment and training. The vocational trainings are designed to help people demonstrate their skills and prove their competency in their desired skilled field such as Plumbing, masonry, tailoring. Technician etc.

Obtain one.


Online Courses

Today, Online courses such as Edx, Coursera, amongst others, are gaining credibility and offering people the opportunity to add-on to their education, gain new knowledge and expand their skillset – all from behind your PC screen. Take advantage because requirements are less stringent and it is as good as degree on campus.


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