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Cost of University Education in Ghana


Ghana has very affordable education fees and cost of living in comparison to other African countries.


That is one of the key reasons college students are searching more for institutions in Ghana than other African countries.

The cost of studying and living in Ghana has 4 key components.

  • Tuition Fees
  • Course material
  • Accommodation
  • Living Expenses

The tuition fees are determined based on choice of school and courses. Science courses are quite expensive, and the social sciences and arts are relatively cheaper.

In the public institutions, undergraduate tuition fee may averagely cost between GH¢1400 and GH¢2100 averagely for Ghanaian students. For international students, tuition may cost between $4100 and $5300 per year.

Post-graduate tuition fees may cost an average of $4700 and $7800 for international students whiles the Ghanaian student may pay an average of GH¢9900 to GH¢12600 annually. Where as in the private institution tuition fee may cost between GH¢5000 to GH¢9000 for Ghanaian students.

Aside these costs, some other important expense includes, Transportation, Health, entertainment and food which may cost GH¢500 per month averagely.

It is common for universities in Ghana to offer halls of residence for the duration of studies. This can mean that living costs are less than having a private accommodation. On average, an individual should budget for between GH¢800 and GH¢ 1300 per semester for halls of residence and between GH¢1500 and 4000 for private hostels (depending on the facilities available.

Other average living costs in Ghana

  • A weekly food shop will likely cost you about GH¢60/GH¢90, and a meal in a campus pub or restaurant can be about GH¢12/GH¢17
  • Depending on your course, you’ll likely spend at least GH¢120 a month on books and other course materials
  • Your mobile phone bill is likely to be at least GH¢60/GH¢80 a month
  • A typical night out (in Accra) costs about GH¢80/GH¢150 in total and relatively cheaper outside Accra.
  • In terms of entertainment, a cinema ticket costs roughly GH¢25/GH¢30
  • Depending on your spending habits, you might spend GH¢50-150 or so on clothing each month


Ghanaian scholarships are more widely available to citizens of Ghana, with rarely few offered for international students. However, always check with your chosen university, as to what support is available to international students.


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