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4 Essential Skills To Develop for Life While in Uni.


The 21st Century challenges keep getting harder.as the world gets more complicated. As such, skills such as resilience, communication, tolerance and leadership are just some of the areas that are becoming essential if you can face the challenges presented by modern-day job landscape

But it shouldn’t to be a daunting task!

With the following guide, we hope to support you with the building blocks for skills development while a student for future career journey.


Develop the skill to Collaborate

In today’s world, having the skill to collaborate with others gives one an edge, not only in the classroom but the workplace and possibly wherever you may find yourself. Learning to work together with others on a creative challenge or other projects and reflecting on the learnings will help you better understand the need to be e a part of an increasingly connected world.


Learn tolerance and resilience

To be successful at whatever you do in today’s global community, your future employers will be looking for candidates who show an ability and openness to interact with several ways of life and ideas. To build these skills, you will need to open up to unfamiliar discussions and experiences that can help you feel comfortable communicating with others. Join debates, intern or volunteer at a workplace and learn to open your mind to unfamiliar ideas. For example, why not ask to join a reputable local business or non-profit and have real-world experiences. You will likely meet people who do not share your values and beliefs, can you open up? They may bully you; don’t worry. Take advantage to learn not to be distracted. You will become resilient.


Identify and Improve your strengths

We are all born with special abilities. We’re also born with different strengths, and by working to improve the strengths we become better each day. Some students may not be aware of what strengths they possess until they get involved in a project or activity, and others feel uncomfortable talking about their strengths. Continually get involved in things that require your strengths. By so doing, you bring these strengths to the forefront, and you grow naturally.


Use learning beyond the classroom

Again, get involved!

By using what you learn repeatedly and in different meaningful ways, you will find it much easier to use, retain and recollect what you learn in and out of the classroom.


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