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The Difference Between A Career and A Job.


People often use a job and a career in the same way, but they are actually different things. Even though they both represent how you earn your money, there are more differences than you can see.


Typically, a job is a short-term means on earning money, but a career is a related employment in a particular field that builds experience for similar job roles with opportunities of progress. So, you are more noted for your career than your job.


A common misunderstanding is that you need many years of education to pursue a career; you only need a consistency and practical experience to get or pursue a career.

Let’s dig deeper!


What is a Job?

Not to say that jobs aren’t treasured, a job is something you merely do for the money. Usually, jobs have a small impact on how employers assess your future CVs or resumes because they aren’t typically related to what your career is or will be.

In fact, jobs can be on hourly wages, mostly short-term, and focus on getting a task completed. Note however that, jobs can help prepare you for a career by providing you with essential business/corporate skills like time management and relationship building.


What is a Career?

A career is all about building up skills through various employment opportunities, affording you consistency.

Careers are more long-term and are about learning, gaining experience, building connections, and putting yourself in the right position for higher opportunities. This cannot be done in a day.

While more education is often required for a career, you don’t need lifetime classroom work just to get ahead. You can acquire on the job training and other professional development training to improve and master your field.


Keep in mind that in some careers, the path is straight and include specific jobs that move an individual up the career ladder and are typically followed in order, such as in education.

Education: Teacher - Master Teacher - Curriculum Coordinator - Assistant Principal – Principal

Other paths to building a career are indirect and may involve work in different industries or types of job, especially when career goals change. Remember that, the change can be in the same industry but different interest area.

Education to Training: Classroom Teacher - Insurance Salesperson - Trainer for New Agents


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