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Reasons to Consider Private Universities


Private Universities in Ghana may come with relatively high cost looking at factors like accommodation, tuition and utilities. However, this may be a better option over public universities due to factors listed below:


Moderate Class Size 

At a private university, size of the student population is much smaller than a large-scale public school. This equates to individual class sizes being smaller than most. In this type of setting, students receive much more one-on-one attention from the professor and do not exist as just a number. The opportunity for students to hide in the back of a lecture hall filled with hundreds of students isn’t available and it’s not an option to skip classes as attendance is something that is noted regularly. When a student is struggling with the course material they have their professor readily available for support and help. Professors exist more as dedicated mentors at a private institution and students tend to be more dedicated as well because of the selectivity that exists when applying for a private university. The end result is a better understanding of the course material as well as better grades for the majority of the students enrolled.


Undergraduate research opportunities

Student populations are usually smaller at a private college, smaller class sizes provide for better research opportunities for undergraduates. Staff members have the ability to pick out unique students who excel in their curriculum and provide them with individualized projects when these students might go unnoticed in a larger setting. The competitiveness that this inspires among students helps them strive to excel and teach them independence and drive. Private colleges also allow more flexibility within majors to help students study topics and material that interests them but may not currently be part of the required curriculum for their degree. The private businesses and companies that participate in the funding and support of schools often provide students with research opportunities on their behalf.


Return on investment

While the upfront cost of a private education can be high, students receive more individualised attention from not only their professors but also from advisors and career counselors that are readily available to them throughout the school year. This can help provide better direction for students that lead them in the right direction for securing a job and beginning their career out in the field. The value of education at a private university comes down to the job opportunities that may arise from prestigious alumni members that are loyal to their alma mater. When unemployment rates are high, the invaluable connections students make at a private university can make a world of difference once they graduate and are sent off into the world.

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