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How The Admissions Process Works.


In the admissions process, officers tend to go through a rigorous exercise with a limited span of time within which to assess all applicants and to form the best class possible. What you apply, how you apply, when you apply would influence the acceptance or denial of your application. Applying online would take the following procedure below and the admission process;


Application process

In this section, you can find an overview of the university application process with specific information for each step along the way. Electronic application and process:

Applying electronically for courses and programmes.

  1. Purchase an e-voucher
  2. Create a user account on university’s application portal
  3. Search for courses and programmes
  4. Fill out and send in your application
  5. Upload your required documents
  6. Pay your application fee, if required
  7. Follow your application
  8. Receive and print out your Notification of Selection Results


Application review

Your application will be registered and checked in several steps. The review may take some time due to the number of application that may be received.


Notification of selection results

Once the assessment and review of your application has been completed you would receive a notification either by email or by text on mobile to log into your account and check your result.

Your notification will be accessible online as well as in a printable PDF-file.

If you are offered a place as an international student, read the instructions about applying for a student residence permit and payment of tuition fees, as well as any information about enrollment/registration days or orientation held by the university.

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