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Creating A Working Revision Timetable

Tips & Tricks

Are you currently on holiday and have some time available for revision before you go back to school? Is it term time but you want to get some revision done before and after school? Here’s a guide to help you out!


Make enough time to revise

Draw a calendar with your current commitments and day-to-day activities - for example, the time when you’re at school, attending lectures, having meals, exercising or doing other hobbies and social activities that make up your standard week.  Be sure to create slots for revision.


Prioritise Your Subjects/Topics

This step requires some self-examination. You need to decide which subjects you currently feel the most and least confident about. Next, decide how much time you need to commit to the study of each subject.


Identify what revision technique works for you

Know what revision technique works for you. Consider incorporating the creation of summary notes and answering of past exam questions into your revision schedule.


Be agile

It’s ok if you find things slow at the beginning. Get into a good working rhythm quickly by re-adjusting your schedule when necessary. You will build some momentum eventually when you persist.


Stick to Your Revision Timetable

Sticking to your revision timetable can be challenging. If you need some motivation to stick to your revision timetable, you could always talk to fellow students, or even your teachers. You can also consider having a study partner or buddy.


Have some fun

Infuse your revision period with rewards every time you hit a major milestone - like chocolate, a slice of decadent cake, an episode of GOT or Blackish, or whatever rocks your boat. Additionally, make time to exercise, socialize and generally forget about revision for a bit. That will make revising more fun.



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